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Make Money Online – Sidestep Silly Mistakes

So many online marketers who use their website to make money online, neglect some important features on their website. Often times it is because they are so fixated on making sure that they include one or two things, that they completely overlook the rest. This article is going to go over some of the most common errors and omissions. Please pay attention, as you do not want to make a silly mistake when attempting to make money online.

The biggest omission which I come across when viewing other internet marketer’s websites is the lack of a free giveaway. Most internet marketers feel as though their product or service is so good, that they visitor is going to find your website, buy your offer, and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, this rarely happens. Therefore, you need to entice your visitors to provide you with their e-mail address so that you can build a relationship with them, and make them your customer. Free giveaways, which must be delivered via e-mail, are the best way to capture a visitor’s email address. You just have to make sure that the giveaway is of high perceived value to your niche market.

Another thing which I see far too often is a fascination with including the term of one’s targeted key phrase in their domain name. The only problem is that usually, the actual key phrase is not available. Consequently, far too many entrepreneurs will add another word to the key phrase, making the URL even less attractive and more difficult to remember. For instance, the URL “makemoneyonline (dot) com” was registered in 1998. However, this has not stopped several internet marketers aspiring to make money online from using the this term in their domain name. Any word added to the term “make money online” in a URL makes it way too long.

Every single website should be put in a position to go viral. As such, it is important that you as provide your visitors with the capacity to email your website to others. If you have ever received a forwarded email several times from several friends in different countries, you have experienced an email going viral. It is important that you put your website or blog in a similar position.

Also, you have to make it so that visitors of your website do not become frustrated. It might be that one day a visitor saw something of interest on your website, only to come back two weeks later and have difficulty finding it. For this reason, I strongly suggest that your website include both a search box, and a sitemap. Both of these tools will make it much easier for visitors to navigate your website, and make it more likely that they will recommend it to others.

Another tools which you can easily add to your website is “ShareThis”. ShareThis gives you the ability to put all of the social bookmarking links on your website. Remember what I said about viral marketing earlier? Well, this is along those lines. Bookmarked websites are added to networks via social bookmarking, making them available for millions of users to find. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

What you have to recognize is that to make money online in this environment, you have to give yourself the best opportunity. Take advantage of the tools which are readily available to you, and be successful.