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Earn Money Online Non-stop by Generating Stampedes of Traffic Using Only Free Methods Part 3

In the first two parts of the article, we embarked on your quest to generate stampedes of traffic to your site using only free methods and let you earn money online in an unstoppable manner. The first article focused on more long term traffic generation techniques of article submission and search engine optimization. Both methods are absolutely free and can boost your profits through the roof if used consistently. The second article talked about more interactive methods of promoting your site with forum posting and blogging. These two methods will bring you fun and satisfaction as you promote your site with a group of like-minded people who can potentially be your future customers.

This third and last part of the article will reveal to you some of the most effective and successful traffic generation techniques that have made internet marketers millions of dollars in total and are the most widely used promotion techniques presently. They are responsible for allowing internet marketers to earn money online successfully and live the life they desire.

5. Viral Marketing
Hold your breath now and be astonished as this traffic generation technique can truly explode your income and let you earn money online comfortably on autopilot for a very long time. Viral marketing has become the one known powerful marketing technique that every internet marketer must possess to earn money online with minimal effort. It involves the spreading of your marketing material, be it a website, an ebook, a software program or a video, by the efforts of the people it comes into contact with. Sounds confusing? It’s actually very simple.

Lets take for example you write an ebook with great content and links to your website in it and offer it as a free download on your website. You give the people who download and read it free distribution rights and allow them to pass it on to their friends, family or whoever may be interested in the content. Those who receive it will find it to be valuable and may click through the links to your website, thus becoming potential customers for you. As they find the content in the ebook to be valuable, they too want to pass it on to their friends or people they know who might like it. As it spreads around, your website can potentially receive thousands to millions of visitors on complete autopilot. All of these for just one ebook! Now you get the idea? That’s how powerful viral marketing is.

You can do this not just with ebooks but with software or videos as well. All you need is to put in some effort to create a good package with good content that you know your target market will love. Hand it out to people for free and encourage them to spread it around. Soon, you will have converted your visitors into an army of sales machines ready to send you free traffic and let you earn money online effortlessly.

6. Joint Ventures
This final technique in the series of free traffic generation methods is definitely one of the most potent techniques available. It involves combining the resources of other internet marketers to generate herds of traffic to your website while all sides benefit from it mutually. It is the ultimate “win-win” situation where all parties will profit tremendously together.

Setting up a joint venture basically involves all parties promoting one party’s product and cuts a commission from it or cross promoting each other’s product and all parties gain immensely. If you have a product or service that you think is beneficial to the visitors of another website, you can approach the owner and request that he promote your product in return for a commission. More often than not, if you make the offer sound irresistible, the owner is going to agree and you will be able to earn money online leveraging on his resources.

Another method is to do cross promotion where you find a website owner who is offering a complimentary product or service to your own product and offer to promote each other’s product on your own sites. With this method, both sides stand to gain from the joint venture and the value of each customer is maximized. Joint venture is without question one of the most incredible free traffic generation techniques available to earn money online successfully.

The final two techniques are no doubt the most amazing methods to generate free traffic that can “trample” your website and propel you to immediate success if done properly. They will boost your profits and allow you to earn money online in an almost complete autopilot and effortless way. Combine them with the previous methods of generating stampedes of free traffic and you are assured to earn money online blissfully and live the dream life you always desired.