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Beginner's guide to Call of Duty: Warzone: What You Should Know

Let’s start with a basic mode description. There will be 150 players in Warzone, compared to 100 in PUBG and Fortnite, and you’ll be paired up with three other players by default.

You win the game if you survive until only one team remains. But, with 147 other players aiming to achieve the same goal, it’s easier said than done.

Aside from that, you’ll all start in an airplane flying over the battlefield, which is typical for a battle royale. On the in-game map, you may decide where you and your companions want to land. Then it’s time to fight for your life as soon as you get out of the plane. You will perish in seconds if you stand in the regularly closing ring of lethal gas. You have a chance if you can escape being murdered by other players or slain in general.

Differences between Warzone and other Battle Royales

Warzone is unlike PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends in many ways. Here are the top ten:

  • However, you will have a handgun, which is more than most!
  • In-game, you may choose from a range of fully equipped builds.
  • Killstreaks enable you to call in airstrikes or attack helicopters after a certain number of kills.
  • In Apex Legends and Fortnite, chests contain most treasure. On the ground, there’s not much junk.
  • Contracts may be completed in-game for wealth and other incentives.
  • You can respawn! In theory, yes. This will be explored later.
  • How to Get Warzone in Call of Duty: Warzone
  • With more overlapping mechanics and UI than other battle royale games, Warzone may be daunting to novices.


Here’s a summary of some of the most valuable early advice we’ve gotten thus far.

Warzone basics and guidance

1. You can shoot somebody while still in the air. You may draw your weapon and shoot at other enemies in the air and below while you open and deploy your parachute. Remember to reopen your ‘chute afterward!

2. Your parachute is reusable. Unlike PUBG or even Fortnite, you may use your parachute many times when descending from an airplane or any other high-altitude location. It’s also useful for short distances!

3. Unlike other battle royales, the ‘circle’ (the safe zone where you won’t be impacted by the gas) moves slower than other battle royales. If you go to the center early in a game, you may expect to stay there for a long time.

4. Each player may revive once in Gulag. The basics are as follows: when you die, you enter a 1v1 scenario, with the winner returning to the action near their team. You can only go once. Your team may “buy you back in” by visiting one of the authorized merchants on the map (which you can ping constantly while you’re dead).

5. The game has stores! Your map shows them as little retail trollies. Visit one and spend your kills and treasure for goods like extra armor plates, self-resurrection, and other bonuses.

6. Generally, spend money early and often. If you have $4500, self-resurrect takes priority; otherwise, don’t hoard it. Even if you return via the Gulag, you lose everything if you die.

7. Take on some contracts early on. After plundering, try your hand at local contracts, which are marked on your map with miniature target or flag symbols and often provide rewards for completion. Identifying adversaries as bounties or chests as loot objectives is valuable in and of itself!

8. The gas is rapid and harmful. Don’t spend time on the gas like in other games (especially after the early Warzone gas hack has been fixed!). Avoid utilizing the edge-of-the-circle approach (more on that below).

9. You may get XP in the pre-game. Get some XP for your weapons or character by killing individuals during the pre-match “warmup” phase. It’s also a fun and useful pastime.

10. Items are color-coded for rarity, which usually represents quality (but not always). Green is rare, blue is epic, and orange is legendary. Depending on the item’s rarity, it has up to four attachments or benefits!

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That’s everything for now! We’ll learn more as the game proceeds, but this should get you started. Good luck and enjoy!

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