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Urgency – The Fertile Ground in Which Moneymaking Ideas Germinate

While no one likes to be pushed around by the tyranny of the urgent most of us are ‘pushed’ from time to time.

When I speak of the tyranny of the urgent I’m talking about things like unexpected home repairs, medical bills, car repairs and virtually anything you really need and have no money for.

Like most Americans it may be easy to look at a loan or the use of a credit card to manage the urgent nature of financial demands.

Sometimes the tyranny of the urgent opens a door to a money making opportunity you might not have noticed (or considered) when the need was less intense. Sometimes those moments of desperation cause us to move into a fight or flight mode. We are forced to make certain decisions that are much easier to dismiss when life is good and when our needs are addressed through traditional income streams.

I’ve been told that when coal is subjected to incredible pressure it makes diamonds. Some dispute that theory, but it’s one that makes sense in relation to turning pure pressure into something shiny and treasured.

One of the negatives in pressure situations is that you may experience the temptation to grab hold of virtually anything that promises cash. This can be get-rich-quick ideas or even something less than legal.

On the other hand pressure can cause you to consider ideas that may have proverbial cobwebs draped throughout the plan due to lack or consideration. It may be these ideas that can be evaluated for developing. These ideas can help you address present and ongoing financial issues WITHOUT going further into debt.

The greatest difficulty any idea has is that most are not able to immediately produce cash. If you provide a service you may need to bill the client and wait 10-30 days to receive your funds. If you sell a product you will likely find that you need to pay suppliers before you can actually resell the product.

It all goes back to the business truth that in order to make money you must spend money. Sometimes you have no money to spend.

In this state of mind you really need to resist those offers that promise the moon and deliver dust bunnies. Read the terms and conditions of any offer you may be interested in and by all means do an online search finding both positive and negative comments about the idea. In many cases online business ideas will develop secondary sites that promote the site from the perspective of an impartial secondary source. In many cases it is anything but impartial.

It’s possible you could tackle a second job to manage a crisis, but you wind up discovering you have no real interest in the second job and will likely resent the need to work even harder for someone else.

When you develop a moneymaking idea on your own you DO have a vested interest in the success of the venture, and you have a greater passion to participate in the success.

The resulting income can help you make sense out of your financial bog.

If necessity is the mother of invention then urgency may be the fertile ground in which moneymaking ideas germinate.