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Easy Money Making Blog: Your Elementary Blogging Method

Is there really a thing called “easy blogging” for somebody who does not feel certain of what a blog is?

For someone who did not feel certain of the definition of a blog a year ago, I’ve got to admit that the method I at the present use is an “easy money making blog”, established for the purpose of easy blogging. I can recall asking my daughter, “What’s the difference between a blog a website?” Furthermore the reply was sent back to me in an one word text, “nothing”. Gosh, thanks for that sophisticated explanation!

Since then, I’ve discovered a lot, credit due to some of the internet marketing techniques I’ve been listening to on a daily basis. We’re all in this world to help each other, therefore I’d desire to share with you some of the easy blogging techniques I’ve cultured.

Easy Blogging utilizing Keyword Research…

Personally, I like to write, and my videos for the most part suck, so this is a technique that I have used as my own.

The strategy I use has to do with initially finding out who would be out there surfing for the keyword phrase that I might like to blog about. You can determine this information by merely using the free Google site ‘’. Once you are able to confirm that there are a more than necessary amount of folks actually looking for the heading of your proposed blog, then you are able to simply construct a blog post (about 400-700 words) and incorporate that keyword phrase in the post. Make sure that you insert the keyword phrase you propose to target in the tag portion on the blog.

Easy Blogging utilizing Videos…

Although the above strategy works for me, the advantage in this is that we’re all different, and we all elect unique promotion methods. And, large numbers of unique strategies work! The system that people desire to take advantage of is to embed videos in their blogs – something that is likely to be shared and tweeted on a ceaseless basis. I was just talking to a friend who pronounced she wasn’t intrigued in promotion through blogging because she speaks and writes in broken English and would be reluctant to write. I did not tell her what I thought about later and what I am telling you here…

Many people take advantage of an easy blogging course of action with videos…

And they do not even have to be your personal videos! With the assumption that your blog conducts the marketing automatically for you; all you really require is massive traffic. I have heard of some folks who simply embed well-known videos in their own blog and send out through viral marketing. Naturally, this strategy counts on viral marketing, so I would adopt either “’ or ‘’ and put the permalink from your blog page to syndicate to over 40 different social media sites.

I have even heard of one dude who goes to ‘’ and picks the greatest gosspiing video to embed on his blog, and he’s earning all kinds or money doing that! This is entirely legal and ethical as long as you supply a link back to the point of supply and deliver credit to the original creater.

So there is an easy money making blog layout for the shy writer, the bold video producer, and the lazy video copy-cat out there!

Whatever craft you decide to adopt, it will work if you give it time. Being constant is the most crucial thing with blogging. Although you may not notice money come crashing through your pc in the start, after you get going, it supplies an automatic cash course of action.

Educate yourself in what way or manner you can get 100% commissions compensated direct to your bank through blogging. The keen thing is, in case you do not feel certain of that which you’re doing, the program will coach you how to market! How cool is that? A system that both educates you and compensates you! Find out more about in what way or manner you are able to start your residual income formula today with the ” easy money making blog” approach that operates for you.